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ChoreChicks saved my marriage by coming out on very short notice and cleaning and arranging the garage (while I went boating).

Not only did they do a great job but they were entirely more affordable than a divorce attorney.

-Ron, Corona Del Mar, CA

Fantastic job! Well worth the money I spent. Completely organized my office and set up my file system. I now am able to find everything and all is neat and tidy! I highly recommend ChoreChicks.

-Jan, Borrego Springs, CA

We hired ChoreChicks to help set up our business QuickBooks system. They not only set up, customized, and taught us to use the program; they helped us catch up on a 9-month backlog of financial record keeping. Above and beyond, they advised us on how to organize our supporting documentation and create office managerial systems that make completing tasks and tracking results a breeze. Help from ChoreChicks is a small investment for a huge return!-Daynne, San Clemente, CA

My garage was a disaster.  I had stopped doing projects because there was so much junk in the way it was too difficult to even get to my workbench let alone do anything on it.  ChoreChicks came in and helped with everything including painting and laying a new floor.  They organized all my junk, put up new shelves, and put everything in easy access bins.  I am back working in the garage and enjoying being in my clean, organized, and functional space more than I ever have.  Thanks, ChoreChicks for an awesome job.-Rob, Brentwood, CA